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    Shelly Some people do best with frequent weigh-ins, but for others it is too anxiety-provoking, especially during the "losing" phase. As long as you can remain philosophical about the natural ups & downs due to fluid shifts, weighing first thing every morning helps set the stage for a day of successful, healthy choices.

    Hurricane Michael We have a Pennsylvania friend whose daughter lives in Panama City. Fortunately, she evacuated when it was mandated. A lot of people didn't leave. Michael made landfall in Florida this afternoon and is headed towards Georgia. I hope all of you are safe.

    Rebecca Funny post on how to apologize. ;)

    Sharon I LOVE your kitties!

    Pat in Ohio (((Hugs)))

    Karen in VIrginia
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    o:) The shower's been installed. :) Woot! Moving time soon... Can't wait!
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    Prayers for those in the path of Michael.

    A friend of mine went to wedding this past weekend where here daughter was in the wedding. She and her husband were asked to watch 9 children under age six for six hours and then drive them to the wedding which was an hour away. Her own I could see but two sets of grandparents thought since they were watching theirs they could watch theirs too. They wanted to see the wedding. I was shocked. I would never expect someone I did not know to do something like this neither would my friend. My friend was happy to be home. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Oh they also had to drive six hours to be there to babysit the little ones. Since all the parents were in the wedding party my friend and husband watched the children through the wedding, too! The wedding was in a barn on top on everything else. At least at a church they often have a nursery that can be used for small children. She took it much better than I would. I believe I would have found NO a good answer to the extra little ones. I would have said either the other grandparents need to step forward or a sitter needs to be hired. I think my friend can relate to how exhausted you feel Heather.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Margaret - I think "NO" would have been appropriate as well. Hope the kids all got along together and didn't make it too rough, but still.

    - yes, it's sunny! DH mowed the lawn, and probably not for the last time since we'll be seeing temps in the 70's next week. By the way, I think I've driven over that massive bridge near you - as I recall it's a drawbridge? Lovely area. DH and I looked at property on Puget Island then decided the water level was toooo close for comfort.

    - your kitties are adorable.

    Ok ladies, need to head out and pick pears... not many good ones, lots with scab so want to get them into the garbage can while I'm thinking about it. Also noticed we have ripe rosy colored seedless grapes - Canadice ... the hornets are enjoying themselves. :'( So will pick them tomorrow morning.... low of 38 predicted.

    SW WA State
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    Evening ladies
    Well I can't sleep but is early for most people...
    I have a very dear friend that said after I saw my regular Dr to make sure that I also see a hematologist...and closely monitor what is going on...which I will do...she is a breast cancer survivor and her hubby has multiple if she knows anything,she knows she will push me to take care of what I need to..
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    Went to Newcomers general meeting, but this one was held at the Governor’s Mansion in Asheville. The speaker was about Blackbeard. Interesting, but I wasn’t impressed. We got our lunches from Jason’s Deli and I got the turkey on whole wheat wrap and side of fruit. Because we had to leave so early, I didn’t get any exercise in. The plan for tomorrow is to do Kelley Coffee Meyers 30 Minutes to Fitness Body Shop DVD.

    Supposed to volunteer at the Green Room tomorrow and at night I want to go to ACMoore to meet these ladies who hopefully can show me why I’m short one stitch.

    Janetr – I’m so sorry for all the drama that’s in your life. I can hardly imagine how hopeless you feel

    Mcbec – congrats on the wonderful weight loss. I usually weight myself every day on the Wii first thing in the morning, but I don’t consider my “official” weigh in until Saturday.

    Now it’s raining cats and dogs here. Michael is supposed to hit tomorrow. I think it’s on the Panhandle of FL today

    Ceramics tonight

    Speaking of craft paint: I got this t-shirt in St. Kitts that had glitter on the sandals. Of course, the glitter came off in the wash. I knew it would. So I bought some glitter fabric paint and used that. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself

    Newcomers: the gal who is taking over the website seems nice, she’s willing to try to learn, at least that is my impression. She’s willing to listen to my concerns/experience. So I may continue, just to help her out. But there is no way I’m going to continue hospitality. I’ve done it long enough (I think about 7 years or even more) and I truly believe it’s time for someone else to do it. Plus…it worked out when Vince had to be at the meetings, but since he’s stepping down as treasurer, I see no need for me to be obligated to go to the meetings.

    Sharon – beautiful cats, but I love all cats. Rebecca – love the cat pic, too.

    Lisa – fantastic news about the shower and the move! I’ve so much enjoyed reading all about your adventures.

    Margaret – that is insane!!!!

    Michele in NC
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    Missed a few days and finding it hard to catch up. Have read about 3 pages already and still 4+ to go :o What a chatty bunch we are!
    Heather hope you hear something soon, and how typical that your solicitor has gone on holiday. Also thanks for reminding us (me) that you have to take small steps to becoming healthier/fitter. I can't tell you how many times I have started an exercise routine only to give up after a few days, so baby steps for me from now on.

    Loved the picture of the cats - stunning markings on the tabby type cat.

    Sorry didn't take notes, but sending hugs to everyone.

    I need to get on and do some work. Have a great day <3

    Viv x

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    Heather You have a way with words: "...the mortgage company need a bomb put up them." :D :D :D
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    Have any of you used a sleep tracking app?

    If so, did you find one you like?

    Thinking of trying one ... I'm waking tired every morning.

    Machka in Oz
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    Morning, all,

    Rough night, sleep-wise - I have an issue with lactose intolerance, and while I tolerate fat-free cottage cheese well, it was all I had for lunch, and then my dinner was mushrooms stuffed with a combination of fat-free cream cheese and cottage cheese, and baked. Apparently I exceeded my lactose limit, because it was kind of a miserable late evening. They were awfully good, though. My husband's an amazing cook. Just have to make sure I have something else for lunch on those days! Stomach is still all rumbly-bumbly this morning. :smiley:

    Headed up to Fayetteville, AR, to the VA hospital this afternoon for a biopsy. Nothing major, coming straight back home. Reached out to my son, since we know the workmen won't be coming in today, and he'll ride up with me and ride back. Technically I'm taking a sick day off work, as I didn't know when I would get back, but will work a few hours this morning before I go.

    And finally, the coda to the drama at work. The center of it all had given her notice, saying she would work through October 18, as her supervisor really needed her to do so. She came to the building after hours night before last, removed all her personal items from her office, perpetrated a bit of mischief in the computer system - and honestly, it was mischief, not mayhem, everything was eventually found to be intact, just moved around - and left her keys and a note saying she would not be coming back. The announcement went out yesterday afternoon that she, as well as another person (in an unrelated circumstance), were no longer with the company, with the usual, "we wish them well in future endeavors." I often find people genuinely baffling, but she burned a heck of a bridge.

    Heather, I'd want to do something similar with the mortgage company myself, were I in your shoes.

    Allie, glad you've got loving friends there, as well as here, who are pushing you toward making sure you see the right doctors and get things done.

    More coffee, then onward...

    Love y'all!
    Lisa in AR
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    Lisa Drama Queens Love Drama. It would have been an anticlimax if she left Oct 18, right? She needed to Exit Left while still in the spotlight.
    Oooh, too bad about your rumbly tummy. But the food does sound delish. Does Lactaid help?
    Biopsy? did I miss something?

    Machka I don't use a sleep tracking app, but have found Fitbit & Apple watch feedback useful in improving quality of sleep.

    Karen in Virginia pretending to be a real teacher :# :# :#
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